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Impact & Transform your Business Processes by bringing Automation
through our Applications

Why you need SyncOffice?

Customers can save their time spending on human errors by bringing automation to business processes at an affordable price.

SaaS Based Application

Accelerated and secure data process

One place to sync with all your business solutions

24*7 access to the cloud

Automates business jobs to cut down time spent on non-billable tasks

White labeling

Cost effective

Team communication & collaboration made easy

Personal time and guidance from expert engineers

The design behaves just the way you like it. Simple and yet creative UI will give an easy-to-navigate experience.

Implement the smart storage system by transferring your data to one place, which can be accessed by anyone.

An authorized access can be granted on login anytime, anywhere and Be its data transfer, share, or update all actions that are easy and fast to perform.

After the data is transferred and stored in the storage software, any changes made in files from editing to deletion, it will be updated centrally from all users.

Move, add, update, share, or store your files no second thought. As your data will be encrypted entirely.

Organized your data for more effective processing and analysis that can be addressed easily.

The technology changes day to day, why would you want to stick to old traditions of papers and ink which may fade over time

SyncCloud an all-in-one document management software for small and larger teams to store and access documents from anywhere with a web browser. Manage all your documents with password protection, expiration dates and expand your employee productivity with remote workforce.

Access is a key for the transformation of business process.

Sync Tally

Sync tally is a cloud based tally solution where you can access your tally from anywhere, Here all your data is at one place, and it will help you in handling data easily, Key features of sync tally are Document Attachment, Data Security, 24/7 Access, Data Backup

Sync Recon

Account reconciliations is the process of ensuring account balances are correctly reported in the financial statements at the end of each accounting period. This is the key internal control for the organizations that need to report financial results to various stakeholders. It is a very long and tedious process demanding lots of manual effort, our tool helps automate the entire reconciliation process which will improve accuracy, speed and efficiency in the accounting and reporting system.

Upcoming Products


The smart clock for time supervision.


The Future of Accounting with Cloud


The Future of Accounting with Cloud


The Future of Accounting with Cloud


The Future of Accounting with Cloud


The Future of Accounting with Cloud


The Future of Accounting with Cloud


Our cloud document management system obliges whatever sort of record/document that you can envision including scanned images of paper documents, contractual documents, word-processing files, graphics files, marketing files, spreadsheets, PDF files, text files, photographs, customer service records, maintenance records, product development records, legal records, accounting records and material safety data sheets, to name only a few. When a user has the accurate security access, he or she can retrieve any file in seconds.

To put it simply, the most efficient method of storing, managing and transmitting records is with the use of our Cloud Document management system. With it, you will
1) Retrieve documents faster than ever
2) Always know where your documents are
3) Reduce paper, printing, and storage costs
4) Save time and boost productivity

More than what you expect. Professionals spend 5 to 15% of their time reading information and up to 50% of their time finding them in email, hard drives, and filing cabinet etc. With SyncCloud advance features your team can avoid spending time on searching. Wouldn’t it be great to take back the time and make better use of it. With the right document management system, you can!

Yes, you can set version control on a document-by-document basis. Document versions are tracked by the time and date of modification and by admin/authorised person.

You may know how to find your documents, but that doesn’t mean anyone else will. With Sync Cloud, document management can be truly standardized across your company. When documents are captured and indexed consistently, it makes it easy for anyone to find any document—now and in the future.

Definitely No, because this is a cloud platform for which you will be having a credentials to login to you profile. So, you can avoid the old tradition of installation of software’s by upgrading to cloud which can be used anywhere and anytime.

Licence cost varies according to number of users and time period. For price details, kindly visit Sync Cloud Pricing

The major benefit of having Sync Cloud document management system in place is that your document is never lost because there is always a security check / block before deleting a file, even after deleting the file there will be a backup at trash memory, any time you can retrieve it.

Purely depends on licence that you are signing up with

Very Simple, click on the Free trail and enter the basic details, our representative will get in touch and assist you further.

About Us

Candy Technologies Private Limited (“Candy”) is a parent company of SyncOffice founded in the year 2015, with an aspiration of providing all business solutions at one station. “Syncoffice” a profoundly secured software enclosed with the latest technology-based applications with the capacity of handling enormous data at flash speed. Instead of rambling for different solution-based applications, you can opt for a complete and easy solution for every business problem in one station.


Our motto is to impact and transform your business processes, by bringing automation through our applications to enhance the productivity and efficiency of your human resources.

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